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It's a tale of two cities as Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is torn between her home country of Argentina and star player Lionel Messi (left) and her new domain, Holland, lead by Arjen Robben (right).

Singing the Dutch national anthem at the top of her lungs, an orange soccer scarf draped around her neck, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands looked every inch the patriot when she cheered on Holland in the World Cup’s first round.

But the royal’s true loyalties will be tested Wednesday when the Dutch team plays her native Argentina in the semifinals in São Paulo.

As a result, die-hard fans of both Argentina and Holland have been reveling in the so-called “Máxima Dilemma.” The moment the game was announced, the Internet was flooded with doctored photos poking fun at the Buenos Aires-born blonde and her blue-blooded hubby, King Willem-Alexander from the land of cheese and tulips.

The red-light district is a sex positive area where tourists and locals go to browse along the streets.

These streets do not feature merchandise, but men and women selling sexual services.

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HFM Works-in-Progress Session Prizes: Dario Vecchiato (Indie Sales, France), Janja Kralj (Kino Elektron, France) and Joram Willink (BIND, the Netherlands).The area is generally quite safe, even if the businesses may surprise people who are unaware of the city’s reputation.In addition to the sexual services sold by individuals, you can also find sex theaters and peep shows.As with other countries, estimates regarding the total number of prostitutes vary.Most sources place this number between 15,000 and 30,000.

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