Dating minton plates

All of our items are previously owned - please read our Buyer's Guide for information on item conditions and sizes.If you have any further questions, you can contact us.We're Europe's largest retailer of discontinued china with over 300,000 items in stock.If we don't have it, we'll do everything in our power to find it.This is a beautiful vase that has damage to the lower stem,just where the thicker gold band joins the body. The item could be restored,as it is perfect everywhere else. There is the registration code underneath and the Worcester backstamp in peuce,also the initials of HS in green which stands for Harry Stinton the famous artist. For sale at £125 A beautiful Volkstadt Dresden clock,c1850. There are 2 hairlines from the top of the egg for 1inch. They lived in a beautiful house called Plas Newydd. As you can see the little girl is playing by a tree with her Cavalier Spaniel puppy. The only fault is the girl has the left hand missing. This is a beautiful Victorian figurine of a young girl decorated in soft shades of brown .Many well known people stayed at the house with them including poets such as Wordsworth and Josiah Wedgwood,the Duke of Wellington etc. She was made in Austria c 1890 by the high class Turn Wien Depose porcelain factory.Not everyone is looking for replacements, but we often have people looking to extend a setting, or perhaps they might want to find a matching serving dish.

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