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The internet is immediate, responsive and convenient.

Customer service and other business interactions over the phone or web chat are often none of those.

Led by top companies in tech and social networking, chatbots and other customer-facing bots could be key to making business interaction with connected users more smooth.

Bots are computer programs or software that automatically perform a function or series of commands.

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For instance, you say the town or city you are in to Poncho (ie ‘Weather in Swansea’), and it delivers a localised weather forecast.

With CNN, you say, ‘Hello,’ and the news site delivers options for reports to read.

With ‘virtual concierge’ Spring, you can ask for anything you want – but so far, the robo-butler seems to be a little confused.

Facebook Messenger “chatbots” are basically software that’s capable of human-like conversation – and of doing some simple jobs once reserved for actual people.

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