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The purpose of this site is to facilitate efficient communications both within Working Groups and across the Network.By consolidating all resources and correspondence in one place it is hoped that efficiency and collaboration amongst the members will be achieved.Friends who live in London told me to meet them for 'bowling' and gave me directions to the Palasad (south). There is Ping-Pong, billiards, arcade games and laser-tag.

They won't admit it but they must have a time machine out back because their chicken wings are enormous and are probably from huge chickens freshly imported from the Jurassic period!!

Gather up some friends and check this place out, you won't be disappointed. " The last time I went bowling was probably 10 yrs ago! We shared some jugs of beer, and appetizers which were hot, fresh and really good!

- Vacationing Cannuck April 20, 2017 Was in London for a wedding and weekend visit. They were served on the coolest lighted colour-changing translucent plastic tables.

Stacey at the bar was super friendly, as was the manager (didn't get his name!

) who came by a couple of times to chat and ask if everything was OK!

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